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Classique: French language and culture studies

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Strasbourg is a beautiful cosmopolitan European capital city, but small enough to feel at home.

The Accès Classique program includes: 

 Courses in French language and culture at the Université de Strasbourg

  Housing with a local host family or in a student boarding house with French students

  Service learning and internship possibilities

  Excursions to historical and cultural sites in the region throughout the semester

  Accès office and library near the University campus with onsite American directors

  Your own bike for the semester

Courses in French language and culture

Classique track students take most of their courses at the Institut International d'Études Françaises, part of the Université de Strasbourg.  Each course corresponds to a level:

A2: advanced beginner

B1: lower intermediate

B2: intermediate

C1 and C2: advanced

Not all classes listed here are offered every semester.  The precise course offerings are available at the start of each semester.


Courses in the social sciences and humanities at the Université de Strasbourg

Students in the Classique track with sufficient French language skills are encouraged to enrol in at least one course at the Université de Strasbourg with French students.  The courses listed here is just a sample of the hundreds of Université de Strasbourg courses available.  For more options, click on the link to the university departments below:



Internships and Service Learning

Accès works with a number of associations, non-profits and businesses to provide service-learning (2 credits) and internship (4 credits) opportunities for our students.  Students are free to research other opportunities with on their own.

Some previous internship and service learning projects:

- Researching customer preferences at the boutique of the SIG basketball stadium

- Rebuilding a 17th century farmhouse at the Parc de la Maison Alsacienne

- Helping teach English at the University of Strasbourg

- Running a non-profit coffee shop / community center 

- Helping teach beginner's French to recent immigrants

- Coaching high school students in voice for a musical production

- Harvesting vegetables at a sustainable farm and studying the financial model