Classique: French language and culture studies

Classique logo2red2Join students from colleges all over the US for a semester in Strasbourg, one of the safest most liveable cities in France.


Accès provides the support and guidance American college students need to get the most out of their study abroad experience. 

We arrange housing with host families and boarding houses, help students register for the classes they need at the University of Strasbourg, transfer academic credit to US colleges, set up internships or volunteering activities at local associations, and organize excursions throughout France. 

Because we are a small program (less than 15 students per semester in the Classique track) our experienced American staff gets to know each student personally.




  • Academics

    All Accès students are enrolled at the Université de Strasbourg. WIth over 40,000 students, it is the largest university in France.  Founded in 1538, it is also one of the oldest.  Some of its most illustrious professors have been: sociologist Georg Simmel, theologian Albert Schweitzer, chemist Louis Pasteur and historian Marc Bloch.  Twenty students or professors from the university have been awarded the Nobel Prize.  Most recently, Jules Hoffman won the Noble Prize for medicine in 2011.

    University courses in French language and culture for foreign students

    circle-laughing2.jpgMost students take most of their courses at the Institut International d’Études Françaises,(IIEF).  Americans are a small minority of the students, and the only common language is French.  Students are placed into one of six levels based on a French language test taken on arrival.  Within each level, students may take an intensive language block (6 credits) and a variety of culture classes (one credit each).  Students can usually find three or four courses in a similar subject (French literature, French politics, applied language, art history, phonetics, etc.) to meet US college requirements.

    Universty classes with French students

    Students with sufficient French can take courses for credit at the main faculté de lettres et sciences humaines with French students.  The university offers a full range of courses in the following departments:

    • humanities (modern and classical literature)
    • social sciences
    • history
    • studio art and art history
    • theology (Strasbourg has the only public school of theology in France, both catholic and protestant)
    • modern languages (Eighteen languages are offered, including Alsatian, the local dialect)
    • musicology
    • performing arts

    Students can also take classes in the natural sciences (mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics).  However, we recommend that only students majoring in these fields attempt to do so.

    Elective classes for Accès students

    carolyn-smith6.jpgEach semester, we offer a few classes just for Accès students, taught by adjunct faculty or the Accès director.

    • Les valeurs républicaines en France, the development of French republican values and their use and misuse today, (1 credit)
    • Religion in contemporary France, exploration of the dramatic changes in the French religious landscape since 1789. (2 credits)
    • For advanced students, Accès arranges part-time internships at associations, NGOs and government agencies.
    • The Global Conversation, an online course with students all over the world on the social consequences of global climate change.

    We can help if there are specific classes you are looking for. Just let us know.