Study Abroad in Strasbourg, France

Courses at the IIEF

Courses for foreign students at the Institut International d'Études Françaises

All Accès students enroll at the Institut International d'Études Françaises (IIEF), the French language and culture institute of the Université de Strasbourg.  

Students place into a level of French language ability based on a test taken on arrival in France.  The levels correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

  • A1  beginners
  • A2  advanced beginners
  • B1  lower intermediate
  • B2  intermediate
  • C1  advanced intermediate
  • C2  advanced

Most Accès students place into levels B1 or B2. Each level includes a French language block worth 7 credits in level B1 and 6 credits in B2.

In addition to the language classes, students may also choose from dozens of classes in French culture worth 1 credit each.  Each French culture class corresponds to a language level.  Students may take French culture classes in their own level or in the level immediately above or below. In order to meet US college requirements, students may group together several courses on a similar theme: 3 one-credit courses in French art, for example, to make a "French art block". 

The French cultural course offerings change slightly each semester.  The following schedules shows what is offered this semester: