Transportation, Cedarville Mayterm

Within Strasbourg

The city is very walkable.  It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the hotel to the classroom at the AUP building.  There is also a very extensive tram system.  Tickets will be provided.

Within Paris

Each participant will receive a 5-day pass for unlimited use of the metro within the Paris city limits.  Additional tickets for individual rides will be provided for the remaining two days in Paris.  The trip to Giverny is made on RATP local trains as far as Mantes-la-Jolie, then by hired bus to the Monet museum.

From Strasbourg to Paris

Group train tickets are provided for May 20.  The train leaves from Strasbourg (gare centrale) at 8:46AM.  It is recommended to arrive at the station by 8:15, which means leaving the hotel by 7:45.  The train arrives at the gare de l’Est station in Paris at 11:05AM.  The SNCF requires that all luggage be labeled.

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