Teachers travel free

Lyceen catch phrase redHigh school teachers who accompany at least three students from their institution to one of our sessions get a free airline ticket to France. *

Je plie bagage!

The Accès High School Experience is a great way to promote social studies and French language study among students at your school.  Here are some resources for teachers:



Fees and what's included

*Accès offers teachers a round-trip airline ticket from the continental US to France, arriving on the first day of a high school session and leaving on the last day of the session (up to $800 value).  At least three students from the teacher's institution must be paying participants in the session.  All student participants in that session will be given the opportunity to fly on the same flight as the teacher.  The teacher has no responsabilities other than accompanying the students who fly on the same flight to Strasbourg and back, and communicating with Accès during this time.  The teacher is expected to come to Strasbourg for the first and last day of the session, during which time their hotel accomodations are covered by Accès.  Teachers may travel independantly the rest of the time.  Teachers are responsible for: their own travel and hotel expenses other than those mentioned above as well as travel and hotel expenses for any family or friends who accompay them.  One ticket per institution per session only.