Work projects

Estival logo4About half of the 3 weeks will be spent doing volunteer projects along with French people at two historical sites near Strasbourg.


Parc de la Maison AlsacienneColombages 1

 We will spend 4 days working with local craftsmen to rebuild a traditional Alsatian house.  Jean-Marc Kuhn is a historian who created an open-air museum in the town of Reichstett where, along with a team of volunteers, he reconstructs antique houses using traditional materials.  His current project is a farm house from the 18th century.  The Accès group will spend 4 days with Mr Kuhn and French volunteers building the walls using plaster and straw--the same technique used in the region for centuries!  

Fort Rapp-Moltke

Fort rapp entree 3

This huge fort on the north side of Strasbourg was abandonned for decades.  Thanks to a group of local volunteers, it is now a museum.  

Originally built by the Germans in 1872 to protect the Marne-Rhine canal from a French invasion, the fort has changed hands three times.  It served as a military prison for the German imperial army during World War i; it was part of the French Maginot Line in the 1930s; it housed Polish prisoners of war during World War 2, and was taken by the American army in 1944. 

Accès volunteers will work with French volunteers to restore some of the 200 rooms and clear the dry moats of this immense underground structure.